Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Prayer-filled lives matter

      What do we, the middle, the centrist, the child of God trying to understand those who are not like me (which lately seems like many, anymore than it used to be), the ones who can't imagine the horror of last Thursday night in Dallas -- around the corner from where we were in a hotel last July -- do now?
      We can pray. And pray. And pray some more. 
      In Atlanta a couple days past, Catholic Archbishop Wilton Gregory sent out this prayer for use with congregations:
      “For all who serve us in public life as first responders and who daily place their lives at risk for our safety. We pray especially for the police officers who died in the horrific violence in Dallas, for their families, their loved ones, and those who served alongside them. We pray for a restoration of the respect and honor that is due to those in public life whose civic service makes our nation both secure and free.
      “Let us lift our voices in support for all those who too frequently find themselves victims of bigotry, injustice, and racism. May the laws of our nation be followed so that the brutal and unjust treatment of any citizen is both acknowledged and rectified. For peace in our streets and within our hearts.
      “For a restoration of civility, decorum, and respect in public discourse. May those who have a voice in media, politics, religion, or government speak honestly, with integrity, in a manner that seeks to heal and unite rather than divide and inflame.”

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